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Cadgwith Singers Tonight!

January 15, 2016 by admin in Uncategorized

Join us tonight, Friday 15th January for an evening of song with The Cadgwith Singers from 9pm in the bar. There will also be a charity raffle in aid of the Fishermen’s Mission.

Today is the 12th year anniversary of the sinking of the Breton fishing boat the Bugaled Breizh off The Lizard coast.  The crew members had made their last calls to families in Brittany,from the Fishermens Mission in Newlyn ,as they said their farewells to their Cornish fishermen friends,and announced to their loved ones that they would soon be home.They had stocked up with provisions for their fishing trip which should  have ended with their arrival back in Loctudy, Southern Finistere ,Brittany. However ,just a few hours later they were sunk off The Lizard…No survivors,and even today still 2 of them missing at sea. 

Do come along ……. ALL WELCOME. 


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